Wildlife Exhibits on a Private Caribbean Island

While this doesn’t qualify as a museum, I wanted to post about the wildlife exhibitions at the private island owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines. Because whole experience is so new, I thought a few words might be helpful to visitors. The exhibits are on the island Harvest Caye (off the coast of Belize), which the cruiseline opened in November 2016.

Many of the institutions that Gutter Curator recommends need at least an hour to soak in the exhibits, however, this nature experience needs only 20 to 40 minutes. As of January 2017, there are three exhibitions—the Boa Constrictor, the Keel-billed Toucan and the Blue Morpho Butterfly. A fourth exhibition—Scarlet Maccaw—will be added soon. Being that this site is owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines, there’s no cost for entrance other than purchasing your cruise.

The most interactive part of this site is the Blue Morpho house, which allows you to get up-close with the wildlife. The Blue Morphos have a brilliant iridescent quality during flight, however when they land, the wings have a woody camouflage pattern. Inside you’ll also find a metamorphosis chamber, which shows the pupae stage where the former caterpillars transforms into their winged bodies. The enclosure also is home to a few dozen green iguanas, so I have taken to referring to this as Iguanatown. Look up around the top edges of the screen room, that’s where the reptiles like to chill. The site is more about the experience, and explanation panels are scarce.

If your future includes a cruise stopping at Harvet Caye in the western Caribbean, be sure to plan to spend half an hour checking out the wildlife here.

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