Why Museums Do What They Do (And How to Do It Better)

I’m going to share something very personal with you, dear readers. My greatest accomplishment in life–the thing that gives me the most pride–is my friends. I lavish them in love, because they are each exceptional. I work under the idea that people become like their closest friends. That being said, I very intentionally cultivate relationships with exceptional humans.  One example is my dear friend Mr. Zachary Qualls. We have been been house-mates. We have been co-workers. On many occasions we have discussed how art and museums have powerful impacts, and what is the appropriate use of this responsibility is. This man has thoughts that come in monumental sizes. He thinks in foundational and logical ideas.

Zachary was recently nominated to speak at the TEDxUniversityofTulsa. At this event, Zachary challenges museums to become the flagbearers for cultural change.



Zachary drops some serious truthbombs in this video.

“Are Musems presenting histories in a way that allows you to think critically about yourself and the world around you?”

“All museums have the opportunity to challenge the way we view history.”

So the quick take-away? We are each living, breathing vessels of real history in the present moment. Museums have the chance to present our shared human story through eyes different than our own.


Well said, Zachary. Cheers.


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